GATSS Global ATFM Synchronisation System

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About the product:

GATSS is IATAS' Global ATFM Synchronisation System

  • • Have a clear picture of your traffic 1-24 hours ahead, including weather
  • • Issue ground delays/halts in other countries affecting your airspace
  • • Automated synchronization with other ANSP\s on a global scale
  • • Know entry points and times from other and to other ANSP’s
  • • Automated nation-wide PDC with simple VICAD at capabilities at each airport
  • • Built-in ATFM system, or integrate with your existing system
  • • A-CDM functionality for airports or connect to existing systems
  • • PDC coordination of national flights (through VICAD)
  • • Multi- ANSP clearance Synchronization per-flight, without errors

  • Compliance

    • • SWIM Compliant using AIXM for interoperability and adherence to AIRM. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.
    • • Supports differences between regulators (ICAO / EC/ FAA / NATS)
    • • Wake vortex separation minimas (ICAO, NATS, FAA)



  • • Realtime support through IATAS Int'l Operations Center (IOC)
  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

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